The Premier Golf Ball Dispenser: The Baller

The Premier Golf Ball Dispenser: The Baller

Stitch Bag with The Baller attached

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The Baller is a new, premier golf ball bag & dispenser.  It takes the generic golf ball bag or golf ball sack to the next level.

The Baller's swivel hook attachment easily clips to your golf bag. It's stylish & sleek design pairs nicely with any brand or color of golf bag.  The synthetic leather top has  magnets that allow you to squeeze the top loader open.  A golf ball is dropped through the top and the magnet snaps shut, keeping balls right where they need to be. 

The mesh sleeve is weather resistant and durable, providing proper golf ball storage with a 6-ball capacity.  It's elastic release band at the end produces a ball with minimal effort, which makes ball retrieval an easy task!  Therefore, no more fumbling around searching for a golf ball in your pockets.  Therefore, no more searching on the golf cart, or in the pockets of the golf bag.  The Baller removes the stress from an already humiliating situation of losing a ball.   So, if you need to resort to your spare balls, the Baller can increase your pace of play. 

After that, we attended the PGA Show 2024, which created a lot of attention.  The Golf Wire issued a press release announcing our premier golf ball dispenser, The Baller.  TOPPED IT GOLF TO EXHIBIT AT 2024 PGA SHOW - The Golf Wire.

Additionally, First Call Golf made their own announcement here Topped It Golf: To exhibit at 2024 PGA Show | The First Call (

The Baller is a complete game changer when we look at the golf product inventions revolving around golf balls.  There is a lot of attention on golf clubs, tools to perfect swing, and technology.  However, there have been little inventions around golf balls and proper ball storage.  Topped It Golf is hoping to change this with this premier golf ball dispenser, therefore increasing pace of play across the nation.

Video Tutorial | The Baller Golf Ball Dispenser