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Topped It Golf is a small veteran and woman-owned company that is based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, was born out of a passion for golf and a common struggle – the challenge of storing enough golf balls on the course.  Founded by Robert, inspired by his own experience, the company’s journey began with a handmade protype of their product The Baller, crafted by his wife.  Determined to solve the storage problem, Topped It has since partnered with manufacturers, ensuring The Baller will be accessible to enthusiasts nationwide.  They are thrilled to be joining PGA Show 2024 under the Inventor Spotlight for this product The Baller.

Currently Topped It proudly engages with the community by selling directly to consumers, fostering a direct and personal connection.  As they continue to grow, their sights are set on expanding their reach and sharing The Baller with an even broader audience.  The upcoming PGA Show serves as a pivotal moment for them, presenting an exciting opportunity to showcase their uniquely designed golf ball dispenser to a wider market. They aspire for this event to be their segue into retail, opening doors to partnerships and collaborations that will allow more golf enthusiasts to experience the convenience and functionality of The Baller firsthand.

At Topped It, our mission extends beyond crafting innovative golf accessories.  We are dedicated to teaching athletes the invaluable lesson of self-kindness.  In a game as unpredictable as golf, where swings range from imperfect to extraordinary, our brand encourages embracing the journey. Through intentional and relatable interactions, we aim to inspire golf enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty in imperfection and not strive for unattainable perfection.  It doesn’t matter if we slice it, top it, or make a hole in one.  Golf is not about perfectionism; it’s about consistency and intention, and that’s what we want people to be reminded of when they think of our brand. Topped It is more than a brand; it’s a reminder to be kind to oneself, both on and off the golf course.


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